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Committed to Resolution

Kelly is an employment relations specialist with approximately 14 years’ experience. Kelly started out working in Law Firms as a Legal Assistant, which has allowed her to obtain a firm grasp of employment matters and appropriate conduct and behaviour as a representative.

Kelly has been a member of the Employment Law Institute of New Zealand since 2008.

Kelly has a particular interest in resolving complex employment relationship problems and have vast experience with high needs employees.

Kelly is passionate about mediation, alternate dispute resolution, access to justice and providing ethical and competent advice.

Early intervention is the most successful way to achieve resolution in most matters. While Kelly’s focus is on alternate dispute resolution, Kelly is able to provide a full service up to and including representation at the Employment Relations Authority. LEADR’s explanation of alternate dispute resolution is "Alternative dispute resolution" is a term that covers the wide range of processes used to resolve disputes. In a sense, they are all alternatives to formal judicial determination by the Courts following traditional, public, adversarial litigation.

The driving philosophy of alternative dispute resolution is that people in dispute are best equipped to develop their own solutions. This is made easier when assisted by a trained neutral third party. In New Zealand negotiation and mediation are the most common alternative dispute resolution processes.

One of the strengths of alternative dispute resolution is its flexibility and adaptability. Alternative dispute resolution takes people away from habitual, reactive and defensive responses, which ultimately escalate conflict. Instead they move to proactive, constructive approaches, where problems and conflict can be dealt with effectively and early "It’s not about confrontation it’s about negotiation".


“Thanks so much for your expertise and guidance today.
It made a painful employment breakup as painless and stress free as it could be”