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What the people say

“Hi Kelly. Thank you for your support throughout my son’s recent involvement with his employment matter. I was extremely concerned when he first told me about the initial meetings prior to your involvement as their approach appeared heavy handed when dealing with a person with a recent head injury. I think your support has been critical to him retaining his job and stopping him being taken advantage of. In addition, having you in his corner helped him at a time when cognitively he was quite overwhelmed by his concussion and anxiety about how to manage HR. I am thrilled he took my advice to contact another party who passed him on to you. Further, I think your charge was well under what I estimated and extremely good value for what you did. Please feel free to anonymise this and use any of it for promotional purposes or as a recommendation to future clients”.

“Thank you for your support and help throughout this process. I have a very happy team of staff and volunteers. A lot more relaxed, laughing, talking to each other and coming in to the store. I had a week off and for the first time no issues to sort out the moment I got back. Two of my part-time staff are now doing extra hours and that’s working well. I even had comments about how lovely they are by customers”.

“Such great work, thanks Kelly. To get it all wrapped up, signed, sealed and delivered, without the need to go to mediation today. Just what I was after and the final settlement achieved I am so happy with. Much appreciated. Thanks again!”

“Thanks so much for your expertise and guidance today. It made a painful employment breakup as painless and stress free as it could be”.

“Though I hope to never need your services again, I will recommend you to those that do”.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done in regards to this, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who finds themselves in any similar situation”.

“Thank you sooooo much for your support - it has been the best for me to have you represent me during this time and am so grateful for such a positive outcome.
I have absolutely no regrets and have such a sense of relief, knowing the decision made has been the right one.
I hope there isn't another situation where I would need your expertise again, though will not hesitate to strongly recommend you to any friends who may find themselves in any similar situation”.

“I would also like to thank you most sincerely for your help and understanding during the lead up to and throughout the investigation.
I am most appreciative of all you did to help. It was great to have your support.”

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