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Over 20 years in
employment relations

Kelly started out working in Law Firms as a Legal Assistant, which has allowed her to obtain a firm grasp of employment matters and appropriate conduct and behaviour as a representative.

My services

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a helpful way to try and resolve matters when issues or disputes arise between two employees or employer and employee. Mediation provides a without prejudice and confidential environment for the parties to have a full and frank discussion without impinging on the parties’ legal position.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary processes can be an immensely stressful and unhappy time for most people. It is advisable to engage somebody who has the ability to be objective in dealing with these matters.

People can experience a wide range of emotions when faced with these processes which can ultimately affect the overall outcome. For an employer it is essential that you use correct process and act in a fair and reasonable manner. It is advisable for advice around these processes to be sought prior to undertaking any steps around redundancy or disciplinary action.

Employment Grievances

You have 90 days to raise an employment grievance beginning with the date on which the action alleged to amount to a personal grievance occurred or came to the notice of the employee, whichever is the later, unless the employer consents to the personal grievance being raised after the expiration of that period. Kelly can assist with all matters relating to an employment grievance from ascertaining grounds for grievance, raising the grievance, representation at mediation, and representation at the Employment Relations Authority.

Advice for Employers

Kelly is able to provide employment relations assistance and advice to Employers. This includes but is not limited to creating and implementing policies and procedures; assistance with disciplinary matters, and creating custom Individual Employment Agreements.

Individual Employment Agreements

There is a legislative requirement for all employment agreements to be in writing and for the employer to retain a signed copy of the agreement on file. Kelly can prepare new Individual Employment Agreements customised to your business, or vary existing agreements to incorporate new terms for employees. It is important for employers to offer a written employment agreement which reflects the true nature, terms and conditions of the employment relationship.

Kelly can also give employees independent advice on any proposed Employment Agreement. It is important as an employee that you understand the terms and conditions of your employment prior to signing your employment agreement..


“Such great work, thanks Kelly. To get it all wrapped up, signed, sealed and delivered, without the need to go to mediation today. Just what I was after and the final settlement achieved I am so happy with. Much appreciated. Thanks again!”

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